Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Take On Xmas #3

So this is about the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard about christmas.

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The quicktimes will be up again soon. I've just been kinda busy lately...procrastinating... I'll get them up soon.

In other news. I heard that my favourite artist, Butch Walker is coming to the UK in january. I'll be there if it kills me. I've been hyped all day after hearing about that. if you're wondering who he is. check out some of my videos. I use his songs a bunch and he was lead singer of 'Marvelous 3', who I use their music a bunch too. (the 200th video song) Damn, I cant wait for that gig. Maybe I should interview him?
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would you not be pissed of if you was christian and because it was some muslim festival where you have to starve yourself.

you go into mc donalds and they wont serve you food

"sorry but we are starving so are you!"
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