Friday, December 30, 2005

Ask Ian #12

Ask Ian's lost their appeal by the second one. Like one of my friend's said: 'watching someone sitting down and speaking in front of a camera for 5+ minutes is boring'.

Click here for the quicktime version.

Tomorrow's video will be up pretty early (about 11am) and expect another later that day. (about 6pm)
posted by Ian at 11:06 pm


that sucked a lot
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:01 am  
Mr. Anonymous,
your a little late for heckling.
It's not easy making a video everyday for a whole year.

I loved the picture.
And please, take a well deserved, very long break.
Blogger nicole, at 6:17 am  
It was very nice viewing your videos each day. I will look forward to you posting a video once in awhile in 06 though. I think everyone that saw your project took something away from it like wow Ian is really doing something special and different. Thats how I feel about it. Next time I see you on AOL I would like to chat. Happy New Years Ian and to everyone. May next year be better then 05 for everyone.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:06 pm  
hey ian good job with the 05 prodject, the down side to this is how are you goingto top it.i was thinking back in januray that you would never be able to do it, i was wrong. this is ne of the times im glad i was wrong.

take some time off from vlogging

randy mann

ps any one in line for the 06 prodject?
Blogger Randy, at 2:24 pm  
Now what am I going to watch everyday?
Blogger Markus Sandy, at 2:27 pm  
Haha. Awesome!
Blogger Devin, at 5:00 pm  

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