Sunday, November 13, 2005

What If?

Hmmm....What If...?

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The quicktime version will be up soon! Yes! I sorted the quicktimes! By the end of the week all quicktime videos will be up!

This video has hidden extras. Look for them!
posted by Ian at 11:58 pm


Back to form, I reckon.

Well done Ian. =)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:09 am  
Made me laugh. :)
Blogger Devin, at 3:08 am  
Ha! Excellent.
Blogger Daniel Mollenkamp, at 3:38 pm  
As we like to say in the US, how ya gunna be able to do that? Funny!
Hey if you make them, they will watch!
Blogger Pammy, at 2:25 am  

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