Saturday, November 19, 2005


I'm sure this video will most likely make you dizzy...or bored. yeah...most likely bored.

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So my mission for tomorrow is to convert a bunch of the older videos to quicktime since there was about 2 months without the quicktime versions of the videos being uploaded...oh and i should probably try and do that damn cartoon video I have been on about all week.
posted by Ian at 11:08 pm


Well done Ian! I think this is a great video. The ending made me laugh.
-- Blair
Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:18 am  
I've never seen anyone on a swing during night time hours before. It looked kind of like this floating head going back and forth, which is fine with me. Very interesting
Blogger JY, at 5:36 am  
Oh Ian, quit saying you're out of ideas yeah? Seriously. Even if you are, pretend you aren't. And I've yet to see a boring video yet, so you're just plain wrong anyway. :-)
Blogger Richard BF, at 7:47 am  
Really scraping the bottom of the barrel now arnt ya....
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:53 am  
Creepy good!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:32 am  
Great effect there! Love night swinging.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:20 pm  
I loved it a floating talking head.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:00 am  

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