Saturday, November 26, 2005

Feeling Good

Here's some random footage I just put together as im not in the mood to think up anything amazing tonight.

No Image? Click here!
Click here for the quicktime version.

I'm gonna go watch pirates of the carribean since I saw the trailer for the second film today. I'm hyped.
posted by Ian at 11:56 pm


pirates of the caribean sucks.I didnt like it.
Blogger Bleach The infamous strawberry, at 12:06 am  
Thanks for that bleach.

- Ian
Blogger Ian, at 12:14 am  
this video sucks.I didnt like it.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:19 am  
awwwwww.........i disagree on all counts. pirates rocks. can't wait for the sequels. and this video was i love that gorillaz song...even sped up it's just cool. rock on and ....only a few weeks left for your project....will you do it in 06? thanx for the plug on another post!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:43 pm  

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