Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Die Evil Furby!

So this is the last of the evil furby videos. If you havent seen the first videos check back through the archive. I'll try and link 'em here later.

No Image? Click here!
Click here for the quicktime version.

Quicktime version up soon.

I just realised some mistake in this video. I'll correct them when I can. corrected.
posted by Ian at 11:54 pm


Blogger Daniel Mollenkamp, at 12:36 am  
I'm on a bit of a storytelling kick at the moment, and you're one of the few people actually telling stories. Wonderfully refreshing.
Blogger Richard BF, at 5:34 am  
I liked that you took control of the situation and handled everything appropriately.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:40 pm  
Funny as fuck! :D
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:55 pm  
well, that was scary ... yikes!
Blogger Richard, at 7:57 pm  
ding! dong! the furby's dead, the mean old furby, the wicked furby. ding! dong! the wicked furby's dead.
Blogger Phil Hamilton, at 4:06 am  
ohhh you said the H word in your movie! BAD BOY!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:25 am  
And you who said the F word-You're a dumb loser who thinks you look cool by saying bad words. Idiot.
And Furbys aren't evil, btw.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:09 am  
you people suck! furbys are NOT EVIL get it?

furby is cute, at least the new verson is! you idiots!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:20 am  

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