Tuesday, October 04, 2005


So I woke myself up at 6.30am to record this. That's dedication.

Click here for the quicktime version.

Right. That's all. Enjoy.
posted by Ian at 11:34 pm


Fucking cool.
Blogger Devin, at 1:51 am  
Hey Ian you have to do the sunset now buddy! Showing when everyone gets home. I loved this one. Good show Ian!!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:38 am  
I love it when the cars went by...the sound and the lights at night.....I think i saw a black dog or cat in your neighbors driveway...
Blogger Josh Leo, at 3:52 am  
that's really lovely...
the slow rise of the sun juxtaposed with the fast fast cars... i like
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:19 pm  
that was so cool!!
Blogger eee, at 4:55 am  

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