Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cooking With Ian #2

Here's a follow up to a classic video I did in the first month of the project and it's only taken about 9 months to do the sequel.

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Click here for the quicktime version.

See the first 'Cooking With Ian' here. I'll probably do some more follow up's over the next few weeks. Let me know what you want to see a follow up to in the comments.


I just realised you can see my mock 'tripod' I use in this video. haha. I'm kinda planning buying a real one on friday...really.
posted by Ian at 11:50 pm


that's incredible I'm still laughing, but I thing that yiou should apply more to reach the level to partecipate to the first world cookin war...

First battle from Missing Kitten TV's here http://missingkittentv.com/blogger/2005/09/foccaccia-dough.html" and my reply "http://www.cuoredifango.it/vlog.php"
Blogger Unknown, at 8:47 am  
Lmao that is funny. like the video affects u done
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:40 am  

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