Friday, October 28, 2005


So this isnt as cool as the 100th and the 200th video. But it's ok. I probably will get some freebies made up to give out. I just need to decided what to get made...

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But im pretty happy about buying those new shoes today. They're pretty cool. check them out here. Well the blue is slightly different. But you get the idea.

I'll try doing a 300th video in the style of the 200th this weekend. but dont hold your breath on that.
posted by Ian at 11:35 pm


only 65 more days left.
Blogger Dez, at 3:18 am  
happy 300th!
Blogger nicole, at 2:20 pm  
Blogger Dennis, at 3:31 pm  
you r already in the 300th, damn! miss so many!, on the other hand: so many to see yet.
Blogger Mordiscos de realidad, at 12:51 pm  

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