Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Thunderstorm

I think the best part of this video is the first part. that's all.

Click here for the quicktime version.

Sorry the videos are starting to suck. It's because i need to make 7 videos today and tomorrow. So all my ideas are being used up for them.

In other news...Im sooo making a PSP version of this site now. expect that pretty soon.

Thanks to everyone who donated today!
posted by Ian at 11:47 pm


yes I agree with you I think that this is a little boring
Blogger Unknown, at 9:35 am  
when do you leave? Where have you been? Has the thunder got you?
Blogger Dez, at 6:20 pm  
I like how at the end of the video you turned the light on in your room and you could see the posters on your wall.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:10 am  

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