Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Popcorn Part #2 (TUESDAY'S VID)

There's a lesson to be learnt by all this...

Click here for the quicktime version.

It was almost working at the start though, wasnt it?
posted by Ian at 3:21 pm


ohh fine, that's a better way, so you can eat something
Blogger Unknown, at 3:41 pm  
I think you forgot to put oil in the pan.... Oh, and when making popcorn it's important to never take the lid off. Was that a broiler pan you were using?

Nice try. With more practice you'll be trashing your microwave in no time. ;)
Blogger Dez, at 6:27 pm  
heheeh, i think you need to turn the heat down! ;-)

im amaxed you did all these before going on holiday. THAT's dedication
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:28 pm  
Not assured.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:15 pm  

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