Monday, September 19, 2005

Pointless. But Jobful?

Ok, this is a really pointless video. But i was trying to think of other ways then just telling you my good news...

Click here for the quicktime version.

Today, I got a Job! yes. I'm finally making money. This means I can get a bunch of things that I would like to a new camera...and a mac. (just to use final cut pro really...) and I wont have to ask you for money anymore. Yes. I can only see the upsides to this...
posted by Ian at 11:35 pm


Great news Ian,

Just make sure the job is lower on the totem pole then your college studies.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:31 am  
woohoo! good for you!!!
work hard!
Blogger nicole, at 3:05 am  
Ian this is a great news and a good video
It's a strike
Blogger Unknown, at 10:08 am  
great news indeed!

but wtf why dont you tell you what your job is? are we not your friends? eh? EH? :)

have fun
Blogger dltq, at 7:53 pm  

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