Thursday, August 18, 2005


This video wasnt even finished 15 minutes ago. I guess I can work well under pressure. Although, this is pretty short and pointless.

Click here for the quicktime version.

So on a completely different note. I saw most of that film 'Ed Wood' the other day. you know, the one by Tim Burton. It was about 'the worst director of all time'. It was pretty damn funny. I have to get that on dvd asap. It's great.
posted by Ian at 11:57 pm


You're english for crying out loud! Every good tea drinker knows you make it in a pot, not a cup. You pour the milk in FIRST, then add the tea. And sugar? Use honey, honey. Well, I'm glad to see you got a video up none the less. Keep it up.
Blogger Dez, at 2:49 am  
(not to sound sterotypical) but like des said, YOU'RE ENGLISH -what happened to afternoon tea? even I have afternoon tea! +you should totally get the new Ed Wood DVD fast -it's awesome beyond awesome -it doesn't get better than Johnny in drag -except in "Before Night Falls" where he's a total queen and it's great.

Blogger taxiplasm, at 6:40 am  
oh my god, you are like the third english video blogger ive seen to do a film about making tea!!

I have lived here for YEARS and years now and have become so anglofied i can't go through the day without at least 5 cups of the stuff. i LOVE It.. and i LOVE all these vids about tea making, i might do one myself!!

ps, when are you popping over to give me some feedback on my vids then Ian!? a doll's house
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:45 am  
Mum always told me that drinking anything with caffeine in it would stunt my growth. Well, as I stand at 5'4" tall, I suppose I shouldn't have drank all of that tea as a kid....
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:13 pm  
an english guy who doesn't drink tea?!? I don't believe it - you aren't going to tell me you don't eat crumpets either ...
Blogger Richard, at 2:58 am  

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