Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Sno Zone

Ok, this is a video i made the other day...

Click here for the quicktime version.

The video is uploading...give it a minute.. It's up.

I gotta go...quicktime version will be up later. It's up.
posted by Ian at 8:13 pm


You make a great job. Why you´re for quicktime? Good reasons? I´m now on WMF; but looking everywhere...
greeting to the royal britania!

Blogger jeanpierre, at 10:36 pm  
Why QuickTime? Well -- it's Apple-created, it's cross-platform, and it's good for you.
QuickTime *is* multimedia!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:41 am  
yes. quicktime is good for mac users like me.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:11 am  
stop posting bout quicktime...
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:58 am  
Stop posting about quicktime
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:58 am  
sorry ian but this time i think that this video it's not quite interesting, hope you'll come with some excellent ideas

PS: viva apple, viva quicktime
Blogger Unknown, at 11:21 am  
If you can't go for a long time, then go for QuickTime.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:30 am  
That was awesome. Show me more.
Blogger Devin, at 9:32 pm  

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