Saturday, August 20, 2005

A Serious Lack Of Rain...

So i found this singing bear whilst looking through the garage for stuff. I found this funny. You might too.

Click here for the quicktime version.

I have a bunch of ideas for videos now. so tomorrow's video might be up earlier then normal. nice.
posted by Ian at 11:52 pm


That was great! The soundtrack made me laugh. The bear looked quite unconcerned about the whole situatuin. Awesome.
-- Blair
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:53 am  
broken? more like... better than ever! surely if it wasn't buggered it wouldn't be quite as videoblog worthy.
Blogger Phil Hamilton, at 4:00 am  
That was... odd, but cute. You put a different emphasis on the first syllable in garage. I thought the way you said garage was the best part of the video.
Blogger Chat, at 7:50 am  
that was depressing.
Blogger Dez, at 8:45 am  
my daughter's been kissing the screen. she loves it!!

so do i...

thanks for the comments... and feedback..
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:25 am  
sad ... yet funny ..
Blogger Richard, at 3:29 am  

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