Monday, August 29, 2005


More reverse video today. It's kinda boring after the first 20 seconds. but it's kinda cool.

Click here for the quicktime version.

Im going to post another video later on. Im not keen on it. but i'll give it a try.
posted by Ian at 9:53 pm


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Blogger Dez, at 10:14 pm  
that was a perfectly fine piece of glass. tradic. Yey, more reverse fun!
Blogger Dez, at 2:20 am  
A suggestion/Request?:
Cut each impact. slow the speed
to about 20%, fool with it to get the best results.
And cut the thing clean. See what you get.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:05 pm  
I agree, please cut your video!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:59 pm  
who cares about cutting it...

its copeland...

Blogger brandy, at 5:58 am  

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