Sunday, August 07, 2005

My Last Drunken Night Of 2005.

So last night I went out my friend lee, his girlfriend (well, fiancee.) and his friend mark. It was pretty fun and then we went back to lee's house and hung out. When round people's house i dont really sleep. So when lee and ashlee went to bed (around 4 am) i just watched Forest Gump. As you do. So around 7.20 I decided to walk back to mine. So i wrote a note saying bye and went. well, kinda...

Click here for the quicktime version.

Last night I talked to Brandy (who rocks!) and ended up making a promise that I wouldnt drink any alcohol until January 1st 2006. I thought it was a great idea. I even recorded me saying i wouldnt drink any alcohol until January 1st 2006 whilst I was drunk. Well *slightly* tipsy as i call it. (I'm not sure if im gonna post that video yet or not.) That was kinda ironic. But i did promise it. So it still goes. So i can't drink any alcohol for the next 4 months. This should be interesting. I'll write more about this in my blog which is linked up the top of this page.

That's all.
posted by Ian at 7:13 pm


"apparently you don't turn the circle thing" haha

Thank you Brandy for making him not drink till 2006. It might actually do good. =P
Blogger nicole, at 7:32 pm  
that camera validates your moment.
Blogger dltq, at 12:15 am  
hey ian. Nothing to do with today's post but, guess wat, u've made it in Australia (ha). Read bout the site in the local paper.
By the way, its kangAroo, not kangeroo.

Keep up the clips
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:49 am  
this is a great challenge I think
good luck ian
Blogger Unknown, at 1:22 pm  

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