Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Local Tour (The Park)

So i wasnt really doing anything about 6am this morning, so i decided to go out and film around where i live. You dont see that much. but you get to see a few the park.

Click here for the quicktime version.

The quicktime version will be up in a while. I'll unstrike it when it's up.

I'll try and do some more of these videos and this is the earliest i've had a video up in a quite a while. So enjoy?
posted by Ian at 2:56 pm


well...looked like fun. To have the park all to yourself would be cool. Broken glass and all
Blogger nicole, at 3:25 pm  
Ian said, "There's a guy walking his camera."

HA! That's hillarious.
Awesome angle for the slide, so surreal.
Blogger art & thought mechanic, at 4:10 pm  
broken glass is always fun ian!

i want to come face that scary path at night sometime...

i'd scare the shit out of it!

haha good job ian, make sure to show us more of your "town".
Blogger brandy, at 7:14 pm  
Aw man. That slide was awesome.
Blogger Devin, at 9:54 pm  
Thanks for the virtual tour of your neighborhood. That was a good video.
-- Blair
Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:17 am  
challenge ian.

go down the slide haha
Blogger barrons17, at 3:28 am  
Who do you call for park maintenance? Is there a regular scheduled cleanup every week or month? Do children play there even with the broken glass and dirty slide? I'm very concerned. Also, it's terrible shame to waste a lovely park like that.

Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:43 am  

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