Friday, August 26, 2005

Guessing Games

Today's video is one of those guess what it is videos.

Click here for the quicktime version.

I've been pretty out of ideas the last 3 days. Damn, that's annoying.
posted by Ian at 10:31 pm


black and white is overated. next time reveal it in a second video so people can guess what it is in your comments. I thought it was a piece of twine or something skinny like that. Fooled me.
Blogger Dez, at 11:06 pm  
Very clever Ian. Good show!!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:50 am  
i saw that immediately. well ok not immediately, but before the "five seconds left" warning at least. i like these kinds of games though - it makes us look at things around us.

that line of water looked marvellous but in the end it just looked mundane. textures mmm
Blogger dltq, at 5:08 pm  
i actually guessed it... very proud now! agree with des though. do answer in separate post. i like black and white though.
Blogger trine, at 11:29 pm  
That was a great idea for a video. I knew it was water but wondered why it looked all funny. I didn't realize you had the camera sideways.
Blogger Nathan Peters, at 5:10 am  

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