Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gothian #2

This didnt go to plan. So i'll just make another video to my original plans soon. The best part about all this for me is getting the hair almost the same as the original video.

Click here for the quicktime version.

This is in black and white mainly because i didnt have any white make up and without it, i didnt look like a goth. I just looked kinda camp. SO this is black and white to make me look whiter.
posted by Ian at 11:42 pm


I think Goth Ian has been recruited by the Evil Furby.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:54 pm  
Ian Goth is back! You should tie in the evil furby and the goth ian. :)
Blogger Dez, at 2:59 am  
I was wondering when gothian will make a comeback. He is actually like alot of the goth people i know. Right down to the Mondays

"I will hunt you down....and i will kill you"
Blogger nicole, at 6:08 am  
LMAO.. look out robertsmith
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:16 pm  
oh my word, I live in BRighton and here PEOPLE LOOK AND TALK LIKE THAT!!! AND they make music like that. yes. believe me. and be very very scared...

Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:16 pm  
now THAT was scary
Blogger Richard, at 4:23 am  
5 stars dude. 5 stars.
Blogger Agent Xenon, at 10:22 pm  

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