Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Concrete Cows

I have been meaning to show you these for AGES. But never done it until today. So here are the concrete cows of Milton Keynes...

Click here for the quicktime version.

If you're wondering why i keep saying 'Milton Keynes' that's because that's where i live. Wired and the New York Times got it wrong...Looks like the NYT people read Wired..
posted by Ian at 11:25 pm


those are bizarre cows. concrete cows. a little strange...
Blogger Dez, at 11:33 pm  
I feel bad for those cows.
On the plus side, Ian, your voice over was quite excellent this time around. Just like a documentary on educational shows, you know. You should consider narrating as a career. You know, doing those voice overs for lemur documentaries.
Blogger Chat, at 2:29 am  
Go the cows!
Blogger Richard BF, at 6:56 am  
Damn. Looks like those cows could give us hours of entertainment. Brilliant idea really... concrete cows
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:38 am  
I liked the cows they are very interesting. I agree with Catherine you could do voice overs!!!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:35 pm  
I once ate a concrete steak. I often wondered where it came from. Another mystery solved. Thank you Ian.
Blogger GooBlog, at 5:06 pm  
concrete cows are very strange. you've gotta love the British.....
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:51 am  
Me thinks they might have "Mad Cow Disease" :)
Blogger Scott W., at 11:41 pm  
those are pretty much the coolest concrete cows I've ever seen
Blogger Richard, at 11:58 pm  
uh huh. Gotta love the concrete cows.
Blogger Nathan Peters, at 3:54 am  

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