Tuesday, August 02, 2005

...Blue Hair?

I've shown a video dying my hair before and it's never really looked blue although it's called 'cosmic blue'. I hear you can see it better in the light so lets see...(also note; it was 11pm when i did this. As much as i wanted to do this longer i couldnt keep the light on for long...lets face it. if you were laying in bed and all-of-a-sudden a really bright light came through your window you'd wonder what the hell it was...or think those aliens were after you again, depending on your state of mind)

Click here for the quicktime version.

Im not too fond of this video. I think it kills the ok streak of videos i've had going lately. But oh well.
posted by Ian at 11:51 pm


Dammit Ian! Plan thing better!

haha that was good. I think the place where you bought your hair dye ripped you off. I think the color would've shown up better if your hair started out blonde. so you should of dyed your hair blonde first and then blue. Something like that.
Blogger nicole, at 12:45 am  
naaa.... blackish blue is hotter than blue itself...

you did well my friend.

public transportation coming soon haha
Blogger brandy, at 1:13 am  
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Blogger Robert J. Vitello, at 2:41 am  
I must say, that if I were "laying in bed and all-of-a-sudden a really bright light came through [the] window," I'd think it was her husband.
Blogger Robert J. Vitello, at 2:47 am  
You have to bleach it out first with peroxide. Then the blue will take the lighter hair better.
By the way, if a videoblogger in America dyes their hair blue that will be 3 continents covered. Richard BF started a strange trend.
Blogger Quirk, at 8:06 am  
Love the blue/black.
It's kinda like the hair color of Superman in 1980's comic books (or Veronica of the Archie comix.) and Brandy makes an accurate point.

Work what works for you.
Blogger Wordy and wandering, at 3:23 am  

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