Friday, August 12, 2005

Big Brother

So Big Brother 2005 finished tonight after 11 weeks of...well, nothing really. So i made this video as a kind of tribute...

Click here for the quicktime version.

Now lets hope i dont get sued or anything.
posted by Ian at 11:38 pm


that was awesome!!

Your last phrase was funny as hell
Blogger nicole, at 1:19 am  
you said it all. i hate that show.
Blogger Dez, at 1:51 am  
I liked that one. You said your part with great timing and so matter-of-factly, it reminds me why I watch your videos.
Blogger Chat, at 3:48 am  
death to moronic television.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:20 am  

i hate bb too!!!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:14 am  
ahahahaha that was funny s**t
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:36 am  
I think you would make a good BB contestant! Apply for the next! =)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:35 am  
you guys suck :/
Blogger Topher Collins, at 1:26 pm  
not sure what that was, but your sadness is touching ...
Blogger Richard, at 5:40 pm  
so they have shitty tv on the bbc too?
god, my hopes and dreams of the UK have been shattered.
Blogger ryanne, at 4:05 am  

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