Friday, August 19, 2005

Bernie's Birthday Surprise!

So tonight my aunt is out. It's her birthday tomorrow. so we went round whilst she was out and did this:

Click here for the quicktime version.

the quicktime will be up in a jiffy... It's Up!

She hasnt seen it yet. So i cant tell you what her reaction was to it...
posted by Ian at 11:58 pm


Hi! It's very nice to enjoy eating with your relatives on ant's birthday!! By the way, did you blow up that many balloon on your own?
Blogger happy engel, at 12:53 am  
Hi Ian,

Looks very nice everything you did for aunt. I loved steve wonders sped up version of happy birthday better then at regular speed. Have a good weekend.

Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:32 am  
i hope we get to see her reaction. And, did you blow all those balloons yourself? Happy Birthday Ian's Aunt!
Blogger Dez, at 6:35 am  
this is not a Ian Movie (I think) but I really liked it
Blogger Unknown, at 8:12 pm  
happy birthday to your aunt!
Blogger Richard, at 3:15 am  

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