Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Amsterdam Fund

I hate the idea of doing this. It's like begging and brings the whole project down to lame asking for money site.

Click here for the quicktime version.

I'm starting to think £150 was slightly over the top. The tickets there and back cost £70. (now) So im not sure how much am i meant to take there? it's it expensive? How much is the transport? and so on. I'll make one of those fund progress bars things to show you how im getting along...sorry for asking.

Ok, It wont work if i put the donate button in this entry. so just use the donate button on the side bar.

Update's & Thank You's:

  • Thanks to Blair & Elaine Wilson for donating and kick starting this off!
  • Thanks to Devlon Duthie for donating!
  • Thanks to Robert Desideri for donating!
  • Thanks to Deirdre Straughan for donating!
  • Thanks to Instant Documentaries for donating! *
  • Thanks to GETinfotech for donating! *
  • Thanks to Dessiree Green for donating!
  • Thanks to Christopher Bergeron for donating!
  • Thanks to Ed Stastny for donating!
  • Thanks to ZuDfunck for donating!
  • Thanks to Jennifer June for donating!
  • Thanks to Michael Verdi for donating!
  • Thanks to Peter Van Dijck for donating!
  • Thanks to Ryanne Hodson for donating!
  • Thanks to Chris Nolan.ca for donating!
  • Thanks to Nathaniel B Pettis for donating!
  • Thanks to Ross Judice for donating!

    * Please Note: I use the 'buyers name' on PayPal when listing who donated. If you want me to change it to your real name email, IM or comment.
  • posted by Ian at 11:55 pm


    Oh Ian, don't feel bad about asking for money. No one has $183.00 to go dancing off to Amsterdam.

    Good luck.
    Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:06 am  
    I went to Amsterdam earlier on this year. I wouldn't say the price of anything is really dear or cheap.

    I went for three days and spend nearly £150. That was buying quite nice food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and spending money on seeing all the sights.

    One thing you definately must do is buy a public transport card-thing. Strippenkarts or something they're called. It'll save you money and hassle with getting around.
    Blogger shu_andrew, at 12:15 am  
    that crying bit was hilarious...or were you laughing?
    I hope you reach that goal
    Blogger nicole, at 12:42 am  
    no shame in asking for money dude.
    esp to come and hang out with me!!!
    Blogger ryanne, at 3:43 am  
    no pay pal account but if you give me a address ill send $10

    Blogger Randy, at 3:50 am  
    I'll put 5 pounds on that.

    say...does that get me some advertising? ;)

    just give me a wave when you get there, I can't go.
    Blogger Devlon, at 4:01 am  
    Hey Randy!

    You dont need a PayPal account to donate. You can just click on the PayPal button and enter the amount and just under that it say's "If you do not currently have a PayPal account Click Here" and just click that button and you can use a normal credit card. (maybe debit too..im not 100% on that)

    Thanks all!

    - Ian
    Blogger Ian, at 4:23 am  
    you beat me to it, ian. ive been debating dong the same thing all week, but never dared... now i might.. GOOD FOR YOU!!!
    Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:51 am  
    you think they would let me have a credit card?? my x made sure ill never have one again. cash is king my friend.
    Blogger Randy, at 11:53 am  
    hi again, ian, i tell you what. I am begging too, but i don;t think I'll get much. if i do, but not enough to go, i'll give it to you ok??
    so fingers crossed.
    Blogger trine, at 3:04 pm  
    man, the US dollar sucks! I wasnted to give you 10 pounds... but that was almost 20 bucks. So I gave you 5 pounds instead. I hope it helps. I get paid later this week so maybe I'll send more your way. Go Amsterdamn!
    Blogger Dez, at 4:42 pm  
    Enjoy yourself in Amsterdam.

    Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:16 pm  
    I donated a little something (ed..AT..novia..DOT..net). If you feel the need to thank me, just check out my videoblog and shoot some video in Amsterdam that can be used in my collaborative video project!

    Blogger Unknown, at 7:53 pm  
    Added a bit.. peter@poor.. Enjoy it. Hope to see you there! And say nice things about mefeedia ;)
    Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:04 am  
    Ian please change J Kurtagh to ZuDfunck...
    Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:44 pm  

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