Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Yes Man!

So i pretty much picked up the first thing i seen and made a video about it today... i do have a few ideas, but i need to have more time then a day to do one of them. that could be good. i'd have never done anything like it before if i end up doing it.

Click here for the quicktime version.

Book Mentioned: Yes Man By Danny Wallace

Look above. that's the closest im ever gonna get to selling out and advertising on this site. (i mean the link. not the video)
posted by Ian at 11:38 pm


Glad you are still at this. Keep it up. Yes.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:21 am  
wow you are fucking gay
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:09 am  
ahhh don't you love anonymous flamers? i don't think people should be allowed to make cookie-cutter remarks without at least giving us a name and a URL of themselves--presumably basking in their heterosexual pride.
Blogger J. Das, at 5:30 pm  
Well Ian, now that you are "officially" gay..... want to date?

Ha! Ha! Sorry, couldn't resist.

If that wuss had any balls, he/she wouldn't have posted anonymously.
Blogger Scott W., at 3:56 am  
That sounds really interesting. When you're done reading the book are you going to tell us what kinds of interesting trouble he got himself into? I'm kind of curious.
Blogger Nathan Peters, at 4:16 am  
No offense but you might want to have a brief script or something..
Blogger peachypoo, at 2:19 pm  
Not sure if have realised but danny has but a link back to here on his site. Http://
Blogger peachypoo, at 1:13 pm  

I'll probably say something under the video on the day i finish the book. which should be in about 2 days.

Hell, you could buy the book it comes out the 26th in the US.


Ha. Yeah, Maybe i should stop improvising everything i do.

and yes! I found out this morning. I was pretty surprised and happy to see that he knows of this little project of mine.

Thanks for commenting everyone!

- Ian
Blogger Ian, at 5:50 pm  
I'm sorry to be negative, but you really need to think about what you are going to say before you press record.

It comes over vey dull and boring.

But still not a bad idea, I do feel you might need to leave the house more often.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:10 pm  
hey, i just saw ur site wen searching for the leader of the cult im a member of (Danny Wallace) and im glad to c that ur reading his new book, if u like that can i recomend Join Me also by danny (The Leader)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:20 pm  
Anonymous 2

Yeah, I know i need to stop improvising stuff like this. but your comment on leaving the house more is a little wrong. one of the reasons why the video's have been crap lately is because of me going out more.

Danny Crawshaw

Yep, I've actually read all of danny's books. (are you dave gorman? (he co-wrote it..) and join me)

Thanks for commenting though!

- Ian
Blogger Ian, at 7:33 pm  
So how was the book? It sounds very trippy.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:40 pm  
Good day,

This Danny Wallace is some crazy guy! I have read his "Yes Man" book and would like to warn people to think carefully about emulating his behaviour in their daily life...
What Mr Wallace did can be a dangerous and unhealthy thing. I mean, really; always trying to please people and take on extra burdens simply because "yes" always rolls off your tongue when you're asked to do stuff! With a bit of gumption and a little practice you don't have to emulate his a*se-crawling or brown nosing antics by always saying "Yes"... You can easily say "No!" instead. Remember, you do not have to agree with or take on anything if you're not comfortable about doing so. Don't bother making pathetic excuses. Don't be wimpish. Be forthright and speak your mind. If you're not happy with the situation, the person(s) or the moral implications of a request - voice your concerns and tell them! Likewise, if you're too busy in life and don't have time to do other things when asked - tell people you would like to help but explain to them how your schedule is full. Your quality time for yourself and your family is precious. Unlike Mr. Wallace, don't be scared of telling others you don't feel up to doing something either because you can't or you don't have the skills or abilities to do so... Just suggest those more qualified should be asked instead of you. Often people ask for assistance because they lack confidence or harbour self-doubts about themselves. Tell these sorts that you are sure they'll succeed and give them a few confidence boosters to go it alone; you're probably doing them a favour in the long haul! Surely you're not going to say "yes" to something outrageous or despicable are you? Simply refuse.
So you see, it IS totally acceptable to say "No!". Certainly you don't have to get brown-nosed by carrying out duties for others who are lazy or only taking advantage of your good nature. Tell them where to get off! Stand up for yourself and your principles.
This book by Join-Me's Danny Wallce may appear to some a bit of a wheeze and I'm sure he's not advocating that everyone say "Yes" to everything per se... I just question what this pointless exercise of pointless behaviour proves and whether it is reasonable or indeed sensible to encourage folks to become "yes-men" and thus fall prey to the dangerous whims and fancies of weirdo's, sadists, control freaks and their ilk.

Angelo Steel (Manchester)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:36 pm  
wow thanks for the book review and moral advice..... that was the longest most boring post ever
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:53 pm  

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