Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Soup Rebel

So how do you follow up a video like yesterday's? You make a video about making soup...

Click here for the quicktime version.

Give the quicktime video a few minutes.

I'm actually really happy with yesterday's video. It kinda made me realise it has all been crap. It's been fun and i've had some great times. So i said this yesterday, But thanks for watching any video of this project and thanks even more so for coming back!
posted by Ian at 11:37 pm


I know this has nothing to do with this video... but what ever happened to you putting up Challenge Ian 4 on Monday night? If you really do want me to say something about your soup video though, you are a totally badass rebel. lol.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:47 am  
did you say"check back tomorrow for another video of wisdom?"

And were is challenge Ian 4??
Blogger nicole, at 1:58 am  
made me hungry ...
Blogger Richard, at 6:35 pm  
What, no Campbell's soup over there in the UK?

In the US, Heinz makes Ketchup
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:00 pm  
Nope. Never heard of campbell's soup.

Heinz make beans, soup and ketchup here and maybe a few more things i havent remembered.

- Ian
Blogger Ian, at 8:07 pm  

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