Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Shower Scene.

In today's video I'm naked. Well, Kinda. Just watch it...

Click here for the quicktime version.

Porn! well, not quite. But i've been naked in a video now. Does that now make me a pornstar? That's something to add to my C.V...

Thanks Brandy for the Idea!
posted by Ian at 11:23 pm


haha that was absolutely classic :D

i'm just full of great ideas...

when i start my video blog you're going to have to give me an amazing idea as well lol

great job ian!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:37 pm  
Hah! brilliant! How did you manage tto keep the camera safe from the evil nasty water?
Blogger J. Das, at 1:04 am  
Good to know what after 204 days you've finally bathed.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:57 am  
Why,Ian Mills. loook at you being all daring

and it has to be said

treseme treseme ooh la la(song from ad)
Blogger nicole, at 3:04 am  
we just took a shower with you
Blogger ryanne, at 4:10 am  
well i just read about you in the Montreal Gazette, yesterday's paper... i suppose you're becoming something of an international celebrity. keep up the work. i especially liked today's post. showering is the kind of thing you do but you never get to see how someone else does it. i personally shampoo after soaping.
Blogger Nicholas, at 8:53 pm  
you kill me... how did you do that without destroying your camera??
Blogger bloodshot and half-blind, at 9:55 pm  
That was the CLEANEST porn movie I've ever watched :-)
Blogger Scott W., at 5:22 am  

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