Saturday, July 23, 2005

Out Of Focus

I like this video. It was done in under ten minutes with no plans what so ever. But you'll probably know that from after watching this video.

Click here for the quicktime version.

Yesterday, A commenter called Laurence suggested i do the following from now on:

1. plan something to say.
2. by a tri-pod and stop moving the camera every 2 seconds.
3. and maybe at the end of the video post, end with something to make people want to come back and see the next one.

Sorry Laurence, I didnt hit any of your suggested points in today's video. But you've got to remember this isnt a daily show. it's not some kind of soap opera. The reason's why my videos seem lame right now would either be because im out of ideas, been out most of the day or it might be because im socially engaged...

Tomorrow's video will be based on Laurence's 3 rules. Let's see how that goes..
posted by Ian at 11:14 pm


Pure Excellence.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:21 am  
I personally find tripods boring. The background doesn't change. I don't know what it is about the camera shake but it's easier to watch when the camera doesn't stay still.
Blogger Nathan Peters, at 1:03 am  
Snap. I'd only want to use of for an interview or getting the camera into the perfect position i need.

Otherwise, Why be tied down?

- Ian
Blogger Ian, at 1:10 am  
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Blogger Rupert, at 10:10 am  
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Blogger Rupert, at 10:17 am  
Now that was a better clip, gripping and not so annoying.

It sounds like I have hurt some people feelings, opps!

But it was only constructive critism.

Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:29 am  
Hey Laurence: Your constructive criticism is fine, and maybe sometimes Ian should use that Tripod, and perhaps get a nice desk to go with it, and better decoration.

Hey, Ian, build a proper studio, will ya? You NYT superstar now, I expect you to get your mom to rent a limo to cruise you around your neighbourhood a few times now.

seriously, I find Ian's work fine as it is. Shake that camera, baby!!

oh, and i will challenge you soon, Ian. Just got to figure something that seems easy but isn't, so that you will take it in naive expectations.


Blogger dltq, at 5:47 pm  
My rules would be:

1) Stay spontaneous
2) Shake the camera all you want
3) Keep ending videos however you feel like it

... todays ending was particularly scary, I must say ...
Blogger Richard, at 5:53 pm  

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