Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ian's Sick...


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quicktime version up later.. It's up.
posted by Ian at 6:51 pm


Very witty!
Blogger Robert J. Vitello, at 7:23 pm  
New characters in the 'soap opera' hey!!

1. Tripod, check!
2. planned something, not quite sure.
3. End on a cliff hanger, umm..what is wrong with Ian, will he ever speak again, so many questions and we will have to wait till tomorrow to find out.
Blogger laurence F, at 7:24 pm  
haha that was funny
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:05 pm  
nytimes! huge.

enjoyed the archive after reading about you there. ...from syracuse, ny.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:02 am  
Hey, read about you in the Nytimes! Your site's great; quite creative. It must take quite a bit of self-esteem, determination, and time to keep this going...

Anyways, think the movies (clips?) are great. Often they are funny, if rather confusing. They can be quite creative. Keep it up!

Cat J.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:18 am  
You made the New York Times! This will open all sorts of doors for you.

Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:38 pm  
I read about your site in the New York Times. This is really cool and I am impressed and awed. A vlogger's life is like an independent film. I especially liked your video about Tea Time- I'm English and people ask me that a lot. Unfortunately I don't like tea.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:40 pm  
came by way of nytimes... cheers from Corona, NY USA
Blogger mopy, at 5:00 pm  
You may, of course, think I'm joking but God I sure hope you don't.

I am a very attractive, 5'5, 115, slim, young 22 year old woman who has nursed an attraction for you for some months now. I am a photographer and I several erotic self-portrait series. I would like to send you some of them. Would you email me at

Perhaps we can at least begin an online erotic relationship so I don't have to masturbate alone, Ian. I'm in Barbados.

Also I have a challenge: Without taking your clothes off, can you video yourself running your index finger in circular motions around your right nipple through your shirt very, very slowly. Whilst doing this, stare directly into the camera and don't say a word. Make slow, circular movements around your auerole so that the glands of your nipple become quite erect.

If you do this I'll send you two of my erotic self-portrait series.

Love (as much as it can be real),

Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:56 pm  
Great stuff,don't stop now even as the New York Times article crushes your bandwidth.

-Bob from Maine
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:04 pm  
ian sucks.

just kidding.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:25 pm  
time to get yourself an agent.
Blogger Rupert, at 8:22 pm  
I found your site through the New York Times. Don't be sick for long! You have great ideas.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:55 pm  
Have you found yourself a copy of the times yet over there? There has to be be a newsagent around someplace that would have one that you can feature in today's edition? If you're well enough that is ;-)
What's with the fan girl eh? Be wary.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:24 pm  
You're on the cutting edge, dude! All of America, among the greater World, is watching, so, Go! my brother! You rock! No, you're not Jackass! Leave that for the Jackasses, you are so much more than that! I'd love to see you have a daily theme, to kind of set your pace. Like Mondays, you could recap the news, Ian-style, for all of us, and Tuesday a subject, and Wednesday, and so on, and so on. You are a master. Anyone wanting to comment, and Ian too, Love ya lots!!!!!!!
Blogger MelindaMarble, at 6:05 am  
outstanding guest actors ... looks like you spared no expense ... entertaining, as always
Blogger Richard, at 6:04 pm  
i mailed you a copy of the nytimes today
Blogger ryanne, at 10:21 pm  

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