Friday, July 22, 2005

Gig Goer

So im in a rush to get going to this gig im going to tonight. I should have left 5 minutes ago. damn im good at planning my time...

Click here for the quicktime version.

oh and i mean a 'music gig' (a concert) if you didnt get that.
posted by Ian at 6:02 pm



Your posts are getting really boring now.

May I suggest the following:
1. plan something to say.
2. by a tri-pod and stop moving the camera every 2 seconds.
3. and maybe at the end of the video post, end with something to make people want to come back and see the next one.

P.s have you heard of some called Karl Pilkington?

Laurence from Hemel Hempstead

Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:48 pm  
^Have you tried making a video once a day for a year?
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:05 am  
NO! Because I can't see the idea of it, travel round the world in a year, or stop smoking, stop eating fast food for a month. Now those have reasons to do. Making a video each day seems to be some what pointless.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:15 pm  
laurance is a gay cunt who is still sucking on his mothers old saggy tits. and who the fuck is karl pilkington your boyfriend?
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:32 am  
Good one.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:27 am  
i like your videos everyday.
what was the gig?
was it a band?
we call it a show here.
Blogger ryanne, at 9:21 pm  

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