Thursday, July 14, 2005

....Egg Splat....?

Im not that keen on this video...and i smell of yolk again. I hate that smell since the last video involing eggs...

Click here for the quicktime version.

If you didnt know, I was mentioned in an article on about video blogging and as you would expect it attracted a few anonyamous comments like "wow you are fucking gay" for yesterday video, which was about a book. What? didnt you know? reading is obviously a homosexual activity...

Also i got this comment on the Challege Ian #3 video:

"well here my three challenges:

easy: keep doing the monkey.,

moderate:do a diet fatso.

hard: Get a life! and some real life friends while you are at it..."

I've decided to take that person's advice and from now instead of going out to places and hanging with friends. I'm just gonna stay in and surf around blogs, video blogs and maybe a few podcasts and leave comments like the one above as that is obviously how you're meant to live your life.
posted by Ian at 11:49 pm


Hmm...I can't say I'm too keen on the game, I'm terrible at sling shots. :)

I think the guy sending you malicious comments should get a life. Obviously he has too much free time to think up of and send hurtful comments.
Blogger joank, at 12:48 am  
Embrace anonymous comments! It is us anonymous folk that are keep you going and staying on the ball.

- Love mister anonymous!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:54 am  
Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with mister anonymous (the comment above.)

Since i started this project i've had like 3 or 4 lame comments out of the 500 or so comment's i've had. So stuff like that just keeps me balanced.

oh and thanks joan!

- Ian
Blogger Ian, at 1:17 am  
Well hallelujah! Nearly forty years later and I'm just now learning what "made me gay"—READING!

Damn those books!

And all this time, I thought it was because I owned an "E Z Bake Oven"
Blogger Scott W., at 3:50 am  
Yeah, I had a friend who read all the time. I don't hang around him anymore, he's always talking about shoes--with a lisp!
Blogger J. Das, at 4:14 am  
well..the bigger you get the bigger the amount of people who dislike you. But also the persons who like ya will be a lot too...
Blogger nicole, at 5:06 am  
I found your site yesterday and plan to visit often so I can watch every video for every day of 2005. Awesome. I really admire goal-oriented, creative people like you.

Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:16 pm  
The thing that made this film for me was the suspicion that the person behind the camera wasn't looking through the viewfinder and was just about to let the backboard drop out of shot, just as you hit bullseye...
Blogger Rupert, at 7:24 am  
way to turn a problem into a solution ... maybe "egg ball" ...
Blogger Richard, at 9:25 pm  

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