Tuesday, July 05, 2005


So if you dont like this i wouldnt be surprised.

Click here for the quicktime version.

The quicktime video will be up in a jiffy. (uploading)

Thanks for the comments lately. You've all been more supportive then usual. As i've said before comments keep me going. hell, even without comments. I'll still post a new video a day.

oh and if you happen to have a site / video blog / blog or podcast. email and tell me the address and i'll link ya.
posted by Ian at 11:51 pm


i thought that was funny. especially at the end when you called the dog
Blogger nicole, at 6:09 am  
ok .. this was a really good one ... amazing! ... poor dog
Blogger Richard, at 5:01 pm  
That was funny. 1. Trying to position the camera. 2. Even though the table had "dissolved", one leg showed up at the corner of the frame. 3. Your dog as the biggest puppy dog eyes. You can't dissolve him. What's his name?
Blogger joank, at 12:32 am  
damn. (note to self: watch all videos before posting)

Her name is Emma. If you check through the archives. emma is in a few more videos. (like the second one i ever did on january 2nd)

Thanks for commenting!

- Ian
Blogger Ian, at 1:55 am  
I'm wondering: If the Coke dissolved the plastic table, why didn't it dissolve the plastic container in which you poured it?
Hmm. Indeed, I think you did use trickery!
Blogger Scott W., at 3:39 am  
wow you really did it this time ian!
Blogger ryanne, at 10:42 pm  

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