Monday, July 11, 2005

The Cycle

I'm starting to run out of ideas of things to do for videos. actually. that's an understatement.

Click here for the quicktime version.

I finished reading Fight Club today. damn, it's different to the film of the same name. Do you wanna know how different it is to the film? well, it'd be like the Harry Potter film being about some guy named Melvin, who works in a supermarket. nope, there wouldnt be any magic, wizards or stuff like that. there'd just be shelf stacking and tales of crazy customers. thats how different the film and the book are. *

* I may have gone slightly over the top there.
posted by Ian at 9:14 pm


your dog is adorable! thanks for the chuckles.
Blogger R, at 11:27 pm  
that is exactly the same with my dog. Your dog is adorable
Blogger nicole, at 12:04 am  
That was a great video. I love it when the dog drops the stick, but grabs it back before you can get it.
What's the dog's name? Don't say "Snowy"!
-- Blair
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:28 am  
rather than you playing with the dog, I think the dog is playing with you.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:56 am  
Yeah, my dogs do that too. What's its name?
Blogger joank, at 5:47 am  
Dude. Without wanting to go over the top or get all wanky (and I have already, in making my own post today solely a link to yours), I totally disagree that you are running out of ideas. I think this is great. Kubrick often used to make his actors do 70 takes because he thought that eventually they'd get so exhausted that they'd forget about themselves, stop trying too hard to act or come up with new ideas - and get into a kind of zen un-self-aware state, where they got to the essence of the scene. So MAYBE your exhaustion with the project is a good thing... Hmm. And I was trying to avoid being wanky.
Blogger Rupert, at 11:08 am  
Well, the year's more than half over (as of July 2), and the videos are still good, so I'm sure you can finish out the year!
Blogger J. Das, at 10:38 pm  
My wife and I play this same game all the time - I'm the dog, of course ...
Blogger Richard, at 1:42 am  
its funny how the dog teased you with the stick and not the other way around, i was actualy laughing but was mean throwing it in the pool
Blogger barrons17, at 1:28 am  
I love the dog
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:45 pm  

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