Sunday, July 03, 2005

Challege Ian #2

So i doubt im the only one who will think that this 'Challege Ian' seems more like 'Mentally Challeged Ian'. I look like an idiot in this. but i still find it kinda funny. so here it is.

Click here for the quicktime version.

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In other news, I finished reading rebel without a crew. it was damn good. inspiring even. Im gonna go buy the fight club book tomorrow...
posted by Ian at 10:09 pm


Very funny. I loved it. :) Will be scrounging around my head for a challenge now.
Blogger joank, at 12:07 am  
Really like your new opening / graphic. I'm afraid to watch you do this, man. Back to the screen.
Blogger Faux Press, at 12:27 am  
Oh, my, got seasick!
Blogger Faux Press, at 12:28 am  
hahahahahaha - that had me laughin' out loud! that was great!
Blogger bloodshot and half-blind, at 1:09 am  
Excellent! PS - If you enjoyed rebel without a crew, and if you can find it, check out Stephen Soderberg's diary from the making of sex lies and videotape. it's great. i read it when i was making my first short, and it totally inspired me. used to come packaged with the script, published by faber. in fact, fck it, i'll look it up - - the current version has a foreword by Wim Wenders.
Blogger Rupert, at 9:40 am  
Dude, this is sooooo great. Not only did you fall down, but you broke something too!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:20 pm  
Brilliant! Though I did get a little motion sick...can just imagine how you felt afterwards :-)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:19 pm  
you are a man of many talents! I'm really enjoying the challenge Ian ...
Blogger Richard, at 1:20 pm  
That was friggin' hilarious!
I just showed Lorika too and she cracked up.
it's weird cuz you know what's coming, and yet somehow it's still super funny.

my hats off to you, sir. top-drawer.
Blogger Chuck Olsen, at 2:18 am  
this is hilarious ian
the fucking opening is amazing
did you know it's the music from blue man group?
makes me chuckle when i watch it.
Blogger ryanne, at 12:54 pm  

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