Thursday, July 28, 2005


Ok. So everything went wrong for me with video tonight. I almost failed again. hence why this is the video:

Click here for the quicktime version.

Give it a minute or so. the quicktime is uploading.

This actually has alot of meaning in this video. I mean. This is basically me trying to keep on going and the weird colours and the dodgy look is the things going wrong and at the end i take a breather as i finally managed to do it. Im probably just talking crap though.

I'll do another post in a minute after this.
posted by Ian at 11:56 pm


absolutely stunning :D
Blogger brandy, at 12:14 am  
Artsy. Makes me hungry, though.

-- Cat
Blogger Chat, at 2:15 am  
hey that clip looks familiar... isn't that from your Rocky video?
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:52 am  
yeah thats what i thought.
Blogger nicole, at 3:03 am  

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