Monday, July 18, 2005

200th Tomorrow!

Damn, im getting faster at doing videos. I did this within the last 15 minutes! It's lame. but that's pretty fast!

Click here for the quicktime version.

Challege Ian #4 will be up in about 30 minutes. Maybe less. Now i just got to decide what to do for tomorrow's 200th...Comment with realisic ideas if you can!
posted by Ian at 11:56 pm


Congratulations. It reminds me of that shot in Hearts of Darkness with the giant Fireworks display saying CONGRATULATIONS FRANCIS 200 DAYS APOCALYPSE NOW. You're already regularly drinking like Martin Sheen in the hotel room... and I can see that it's driving you mad... but how mad? Are you facing your inner Kurtz yet? I suspect so. You promised to put the next film up in half an hour... but instead, I'll bet you got pissed, punched your reflection, broke the mirror, cut your hand and ended up lying bawling on your bed, smeared in blood, shouting 'YOU FUCKER!'.
That's what I'd like to see you post today.
Only 165 more days to go.
Blogger Rupert, at 9:30 am  
After spilling a drink on yourself, it is not recommended that you clean your camera with your shirt. HA!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:11 pm  
congratulatons on the big 200 eve ...
Blogger Richard, at 12:26 am  
what was that that you were drinking?
was it sugary?
i hope it wasnt
not allowed!!!!
Blogger ryanne, at 9:07 pm  

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