Thursday, June 30, 2005


Well this is different. Today i slowed something down instead of speeding it up. I think it looks cool. Although, when i played it back on the camera it looked terrible. I'm learning not to trust my camera. It lies and makes me think i've ruined the shot. but i hadn't.

Click here for the quicktime version.

If you're wondering i threw golf balls through the window. I didnt shoot it with a gun or something. Although, I think i could make a great short movie using the same effect. Yeah. I wanna shoot a short movie this summer. Im not that sure what the plot will be. But i have an idea i wanna work on.
posted by Ian at 10:50 pm


That was pretty cool. I've always wanted to break glass...
Blogger joank, at 1:13 am  
I love that you hate your camera so much. And yet you're so dependent on it. so often you've thought that we're not going to see something that we end up seeing just fine... perhaps you should restrict your hatred to just hating your viewfinder... or perhaps you shouldn't mess with this deep psychological conflict you've got going on, and instead make your December 31st film about you wreaking terrible vengeance on your camera with a pair of plyers and a blowtorch. only... how would you film it...?
Blogger Rupert, at 2:06 pm  
I like the slow-motion breaking videos. I want a high speed camera so I can take some cool shots.
Blogger Nathan Peters, at 9:31 am  
Are your balls okay after breaking that window?

Blogger Scott W., at 3:08 am  

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