Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Quick Departure...

I almost failed the project again. Today right after college i went to an album signing for a band called 'The Departure' and after whilst i was in Mc Donalds (no i didnt have'soda'. i had orange juice.) My friend Dan said 'So you've posted you're video yeah?' and i started to panic. I cant believe i forgot about it. I've done it every day for the last 6 months! So i thought about getting a train back just to do a video. Dan said we'd be back by 11pm. I still worried though.

Click here for the quicktime version.

I was still on the train at 11.15pm, so when i got in about 11.30 i rushed to do this as fast as i could. I have 10 minutes to go. I so need to make and upload video for those kinda situations.
posted by Ian at 11:51 pm


hey - you made it and you're still doing what you said you'd do ... way to go ...
Blogger Richard, at 3:22 am  

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