Saturday, June 25, 2005

A PSP Review...

So i wasnt going to do this, as i thought it was like showing off. But i just can get over how good this thing is. Also i didnt know what to make a video on and i have long to film this. So this is it.

Click here for the quicktime version.

Give it a few minutes for the quicktime video to be uploaded.

Yeah, My camera was acting stupid when i was filming it. So that's why i say a bunch of things that dont make sense. oh well.

I'll probably cover this more on my blog, (the link is up the top of the site) But here's some points i wanna make on the PSP.

The Upsides:

1. It's slick and stylish.
2. It's pretty much PS2 graphics. So you'll be taken back by how good the games look on it.
3. Watching videos on it is pretty amazing.
4. You can use as an MP3 player.
5. You can view pictures you took on it. (it doesnt have a camera...yet.)
6. The battery is pretty damn good. It lasted me 8 hours of game play today. (the first charge only took an hour and a half)

The downsides:

1. Fingerprints. You can't help but get finger prints all over it and they make it look a mess when the sun hits it.
2. The screen is really refective. So on a really sunny day you cant see the screen unless your in a shaded area. It's pretty much a mirror.
3. You have to buy the cable that you need to put mp3s, videos and images on it seperately.

That's all i can think of so far.
posted by Ian at 11:28 pm


Ian, the PSP is really cool. Congratulations!

I have seen these clear sheets you put over PDA's so that the stylus won't scratch the screen. They're available at Office stores; probably most electronic stores now, too. Perhaps those could be used on your new PSP.

Keep the vid's coming!
Blogger Scott W., at 6:26 am  
I liked this review. I've never seen one in action before.
Blogger Nathan Peters, at 6:49 pm  

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