Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Death Of An Ice Lolly

This isn't Ask Ian. Sorry. I'll do all the questions tomorrow. I feel to crap today.

Click here for the quicktime version.

It's so damn hot. I cant actually get cool.
posted by Ian at 10:54 pm


Oh my god, it looks like it's bleeding!
Blogger Faux Press, at 1:07 am  
that was beautiful. does your camera have a time lapse mode or did you speed it up while editing?
Blogger starfire, at 5:09 am  
dude that was wicked.

(sped up in editing.)
Blogger Chuck Olsen, at 2:17 pm  
love it! great idea and it looks awesome.
Blogger Clark ov Saturn, at 10:09 pm  
that was cool! ... as for the heat, try and cold bath or shower ... that will do it (advice from the Ozarks)
Blogger Richard, at 8:56 pm  
That looked like "Frosty's" cousin...poor guy :(

Kewl video!
Blogger Scott W., at 9:49 pm  

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