Friday, June 03, 2005

A Day In London (Preview)

Im so damn tired. Everything hurts....Well, mainly my feet. Here's a preview of my footage from London today.

Click here for the quicktime version.

At one point, I just turn on the camera and held it in my hand as i was walking around. I'm not sure how that'll come out. But we'll see. Also my friend tried to film one of those London bell ringers. You know, the ones thats say 'here ye, here ye' whilst he was on a break reading a london news paper. it was so typical. But he held up the paper over his face the whole time. (trying to avoid being on camera) He actually looked realy annoyed. Damn, that was funny. I'll add the rest of the videos up later or in the morning. Im just too tired to edit now.
posted by Ian at 10:51 pm


thanks for visiting my blog or vlog...its nice to know that someone actually reads what i say and what i feel at that moment. you too keep posting.:)
Blogger Karen, at 3:25 pm  
oh and thanks for the insight.i so needed it.
Blogger Karen, at 3:26 pm  
I couldn't quite make out what you (Ian) said after you left the "restroom". I listened to it 20 times and my best guess was "Play your islands" which makes no sense and isn't funny. I got my wife to watch the video. After several loops of the bit in question she came up with "no urinals", which I think is correct. And it's much funnier than "play your islands". You (Ian) say "yer-REE-nals", where we (in Canada) say "YER-in-als". Not that we tlk about them a lot, mind you. :-)
-- Blair
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:21 pm  
By the way, should it be "hear ye, hear ye" instead of "here ye, here ye"? I thought "hear ye" was the Olde English version of today's "listen up, yo".
-- Blair
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:24 pm  

Im so confused right now. Yeah, i visited your video blog today. But i havent had time to comment yet. So you've confused the hell out of me wondering how you knew i checked it out.


hahaha! Yeah, i say 'no urinals'. Although, now that you've said it, 'Play you islands' is funnier. well, to me it is. I'm still laughing at that.

You're probably right on the here/hear thing. I would have thought 'ye' meant 'you'. So the guy would be like 'OI! Come 'here ye', listen to me!'

I'll look that up and change it later.

Thanks for commenting!

- Ian
Blogger Ian, at 6:47 pm  
Hey ... very entertaining ... I thought you were going to end up in some other time or galaxie or something, since, living in Rolla Missouri, Dr. Who is my main exposure to England ... also, our public toilets are quite a bit different and you I couldn't help to notice that you don't take long to pee, might want to get that prostate checked ...
Blogger Richard, at 7:35 pm  

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