Sunday, June 26, 2005

Challege Ian #1

This is the first Challege Ian. I only show one challege in this as it goes on for quite long. Also Warning: This might make you feel sick...

Click here for the quicktime version.

The quicktime version will be up soonish.

I'll make a form for next weeks questions to be submitted. It'll probably be easier.
posted by Ian at 11:40 pm


Now that is dedication to a challenge! Quite disgusting if I do say so myself. nice intro ;)
Blogger Josh Leo, at 12:58 am  
all respect for u to doing that
Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:44 am  
wow. more compelling than any car crash.
Blogger Rupert, at 2:43 pm  
I guess this gets me back for you watching the spam video ... I was brave and watched the whole thing
Blogger Richard, at 5:00 am  
I had breakfast yet and somehow you made my stomach churn. Thats dedication.
Blogger joank, at 1:42 am  
Wow, what an awesome idea!!! I should do a challenge thingy for my site when I run out of ideas for stuff to do.
Blogger Nathan Peters, at 6:40 am  
Should I dare say,
"That was EGGcellent!"
Blogger Scott W., at 3:02 am  

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