Friday, June 17, 2005

Bug. (random)

I was working on the skappy episode today. (trying to do the voice over in one go. no script.) But i keep messing up. I'll post a screw up version of it later as they are usually weird or funny.

Click here for the quicktime version.

In other news, I go and see green day tomorrow! The venue is kinda close to my house, So it should be a really good day. Also today i went for an interview for this Media course i really wanted to get on and....I GOT ON! You're probably thinking that it was obvious that i'd get on. But i really wasnt sure if i'd get on. I'm so damn happy today! I'll post more about this in my blog later. (which is linked at the top)
posted by Ian at 11:19 pm


now that was creative ... hope you let it live to crawl in another lamp
Blogger Richard, at 5:23 am  

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