Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Slightly Bitter

So today i decided to go all 'experimental' or 'artsy'. I even sped up music to go with this video. I'm starting to mess with music now. Because if you cant find music that fits with the pace of the video. change it.

Click here for the quicktime version.

I may be in london on friday. I'm not 100% on that right now. But that should be good if it works out.

Dont forget Ask Ian on sunday.
posted by Ian at 10:10 pm


chipmonk feeder, owns you!
Blogger Topher Collins, at 12:03 am  
This one was cool, I like that you took the video into a new area that you usually don't explore...more like this!
Blogger Josh Leo, at 3:18 am  
impressive ... didn't know you are an artist too! ... the only thing is this is dangerously close to a tree blowing in the wind that you talked about in the conference tonight ... but I liked it anyway ... cool

p.s. Congratulations on your 6 month anniversery!
Blogger Richard, at 4:02 am  
I've never thought of speeding up the music before. Nice one.
Blogger Nathan Peters, at 4:34 am  
Very nice, do more of this!

PS: It might be your accent, not your name, but everytime I hear you talking in your videos I have to think of Ian Dury. I hope this is a compliment ;-).
Blogger Denkedran, at 8:05 am  
Even though you make a video per day, you still have the brainspace to push yourself. That is not a quality everyone else has. Remember that.
Blogger schlomo rabinowitz, at 8:05 am  

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