Friday, May 20, 2005

Skateboard: The Two Versions

This isnt how i wanted this video to be. it was meant to be a flash video, where you could choose what you wanted to happen. but since i know shit about flash and nobody i knew could tell me. I decided to spilt it into 2 alternate versions.

Click here for the quicktime version.

Here's the alternate version of the above video:

Click here for the quicktime version.

I think the bad version is best. dont things just seem more entertaining when someone falls down.
posted by Ian at 11:03 pm


The timing on these--especially the bad version--is quite good. That final scene in the bad version where, in the last few frames, Ian's bandaged hand sneaks into view is priceless.
It's instructive to compare this clip with an example that's just the opposite in subtlety: I was just watching "The Chorus," a French film about a boys school. Toward the end of the film, a former resident of the school sets fire to one of the buildings. We see him standing over a promintory, smoking a cigarette, watching the smoke pour out of the structure. The boy then turns into the camera, puffs his cigarette, and stares at the smoldering tip. "Okay, okay, we got it! He burned down the school!" I found myself railing at the screen. I almost expected the actor to be given lines to that effect, and for a subtitle to confirm it.
But timing is perhaps something that you have in your heart or you don't. "Skateboard" was directed with heart. And what makes the bad version all the more fun is that after a daily stream of extemporanious vlogs (rushed to production before the midnight deadline), we are surprised to see one that took some careful planning and preparation. It paid off. Nice work, Ian!
Blogger Robert J. Vitello, at 10:33 am  
wicked videos Ian, but in the bad version you landed on your left hand, and bandaged your right hand, so next time, dont do what films do and get thiingfs the wrong way round.
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