Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sin City Style?

Damn, I just wrote up a long post for this and it disappeared. Anyway, Today's video is inspired by the 'Sin City' trailer i saw on friday. Check out the trailer HERE

Click here for the quicktime version.

The part that stands out the most in this video took me 4 hours to do. I just took that part of the video and broke it down into seperate images and edited them. that's 55 frames. It doesnt run aswell as i hoped. but it's still pretty good for my first attempt at something like this.

Ok, Im tired. I need sleep. Get emailing for Ask Ian if you havent already...

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posted by Ian at 3:53 am


That was great!... even though your drink looked like pee..
Blogger schlomo rabinowitz, at 4:57 am  
Hmmm. I've always wanted to hand-edit 50 or so frames to do some cool effect like that. Looks like you beat me to it.
Blogger Nathan Peters, at 5:44 am  
I actually saw Sin City just this morning, really good film
Blogger Topher Collins, at 2:32 pm  
oh and forgot to say, cool effect
Blogger Topher Collins, at 2:33 pm  
it makes me laugh that you set that whiole thing up for a drink of OJ.
classic ian.
Blogger Jay Dedman, at 3:55 pm  
haha I love that...really good job Ian!
Blogger Janna, at 8:31 pm  
why the hell did you edit it frame by frame? you know theres mch easier ways to do that effect. leave color in ae is the best method.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:25 am  

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