Tuesday, May 24, 2005


So My room is a complete mess. You see, I had to move my desk to do yesterday's video. But my desk is normally filled with crap. so i just threw all of that on my bed. Then i had to move my desk out enough so i could put the chair behind it. So i had to move a ton of other stuff onto my bed. After i had completed the video i think i can honestly say, i had half of my room on my bed. So when it come to the time where i had to sleep i had a problem. So i just put it all on my floor / around the room. So this is what it's like today.

Click here for the quicktime version.

Yeah, I need to clean it up...

Now im off to edit tomorrow's video. which i'm gonna try and make as weird / creepy as hell.
posted by Ian at 10:47 pm


Wow you have a small room...and it looks MUCH smaller with it all messy like that...wow
Blogger Janna, at 2:42 pm  

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