Saturday, May 14, 2005

iPod Advert Remixed

Well, It's not exactly remixed. But it's slightly different. I think it looks better like this. The original seemed too simple. So I unsimplified it. You have to watch the original here to get what i've changed.

Click here for the quicktime version.

I'll try and post another video later as i dont think this is enough. oh and....

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I just noticed it's kinda bad quality. I'll upload the large crystal clear one later.
posted by Ian at 9:33 pm


i like it, is better in some ways, like all the differant colours. are you laying it so there is two playin at once? i thought i looked like you might be on drugs as i told you
Blogger barrons17, at 12:24 am  
I thought that Apple's latest ad was too flat. You effectively supercharged it. Nice work.
Blogger Robert J. Vitello, at 1:24 am  
It's like an Apple ad after light dose of mushrooms -- cool...
Blogger Insurgent, at 8:34 am  
i mean, like your version of the advert, but because of the actual style of apple's products, i think the original suits it better. simple adveert, simple product.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:13 pm  

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