Sunday, May 29, 2005

Ask Ian #9

I didnt get many questions for this weeks Ask Ian. but i do rant for a while in it.

Click here for the quicktime version.

Quicktime version will be up in a bit. it's now up.

Im just going to make a form for Ask Ian. As i doubt many can be bothered to click a link. Expect it up later tonight.

Oh and all that planning i did today for the 48 hour downtime. That was a waste. It took godaddy about 2 hours tops to upgrade my account. I dont think it went down at all during that time either.
posted by Ian at 11:33 pm


damn right astoria rocks, that place is full of like 12 year olds, you can just push them out of the way and get straight to the front :), nice work out of just two questions
Blogger Topher Collins, at 3:53 am  

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